Sunday, March 2, 2008

What The Duck

Anxious to get some feedback, I asked my wife Lori, if she would like to take a look at my new blog. After pointing out a few typos, she told me her impression was that it was a little too dark. She said the posts about "Shrimp" were a bummer and that I should try to lighten it up a bit. Well, how about a comic strip? What The Duck is from the mind of Aaron Johnson and features a camera toting duck as he interacts with subjects, clients and photographer wannabes.

The strip is published online. Click on What The Duck in my link section to see the latest strip, or to dive into the complete archive. You can also purchase a wide variety of What The Duck merchandise such as shirts, caps, mugs, mousepads, calenders, greeting cards, hardback book and much, much more. You can even download wallpaper or a Mac OS X desktop widget.

There, don't you feel better already!