Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SB2, Judy Hermann

On Saturday morning, Judy Hermann of Hermann + Starke, started off the general session with her first presentation “Setting the Stage” an overview of the founding principles behind strictly Business 2. Judy credits much of her success today, to what she learned by attending Strictly Business 1, over a decade ago.

Later, she gave her “Digital Essentials” presentation discussing the digital tools every photographer should know and use.

“Managing Change,” was Judy’s third presentation. Like many professions, photographers are caught up in an onslaught of new technology combined with paradigm shifts in the industry and the culture at large. Judy offers advice on how to not just manage change but how to use it to your advantage. To give you an idea how she looks at the issue, her chapter in the SB2 booklet is entitled, “The Sky is Falling, Grab your Camera!” It’s one of those “Turn that Frown Upside Down” kinds of talks that may leave you feeling a little better about your career choice.

After six years as ASMP President, Judy Hermann will be stepping down at the end of March, having served the maximum, two consecutive 3-year terms. Judy will assume the chairmanship of the ASMP Governance Committee and Todd Joyce will step up as President, providing there is no bloody Coup d’etat or preemptive strike from another organization . Thank you Judy for your service, from a card carrying member.

I just uploaded 110 jpegs from SB2, Philadelphia to my Flickr page.

Check out this teaser to see what is in store for you at SB2

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