Thursday, August 28, 2008

Merry-Go-Gound, Kennywood Park

This post is a few months late. The merry-go-round video was meant to be a Father's Day post. We had spent the day at Kennywood Park, just outside of Pittsburgh. Wynn and I, and my wife Lori, met up with her brother, Chris and his kids, to spend the day at the Park.

I didn't want to carry one of my SLR cameras around the park all day long and I didn't want to take it with me on the rides. I thought I'd just borrow Lori's little Canon Powershot, when something caught my eye. Not only did it take great stills but it has a video mode as well.

When I mentioned that I might want to use her camera, Lori protested, saying, "I don't want you filling up my memory card and draining my battery shooting video." She did have a point. Chris offered me his camera another Canon Powershot, similar to Lori's. The night before we went to the park, he told me to remind him to charge the battery but we both forgot. When we got to the park I had to find an outlet in the pavilion where we ate lunch, to charge the battery. By the time we were finished eating, it wasn't fully charged so I decided to leave it there and come back for it after we had gone on a few rides. Two roller coaster rides later I returned to find the little green l.e.d. on the charger glowing bright green. Finally, the battery was fully charged!

I met up with the others at the merry-go-round, which was perfect fodder for a video snipplet! I raised the camera and began shooting as the merry-go-round started to spin. 25 seconds later,"MEMORY CARD FULL" flashed in red across the LCD screen. Chris had not downloaded the images from his one and only memory card and my video had used up the remaining space. I knew when I was licked. The saving grace was that I like the one shot I did get.

We got home late that evening and left early the next day to drive back to Philadelphia so I did not have time to download the video before we left. I had to wait for Chris to download it then burn it to a cd and hand deliver it when we met up again at Hershey Park.

There you have it, A Labor Day post instead of Father's Day post. Better late than never!

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