Saturday, September 10, 2011

911 Memorial, Construction Site Slideshow

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--> Back in July, I was contacted by one of my clients about shooting a magazine cover at the 911 Memorial in New York City, even though it was still very much a construction site. The magazine had a tight deadline and wanted to have the issue out before the official opening. The art director and I went to the site to scout, in hopes that there would be one iconic view that would work for our cover. We creative types tend to be eternally optimistic and often that optimism pays off, sometimes it doesn't.  We  found one vantage point that would have worked except for one thing, out of respect for the family members of those who lost their lives on 911, we could not remove the covers from the signature wall. The magazine ended up using a computer generated illustration. This slide show is a compilation of images from the scout.

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