Monday, December 9, 2013

The Philadelphia Beekeepers Project

     After photographing my wife and son conducting a bee box inspection I decided to make beekeepers my new personal project. Philadelphia is a great city for beekeeping due to the large number of trees and gardens in the area, and it is steeped in beekeeping history. L.L. Langstroth, considered to be the “Father of American Beekeeping” and the inventor of the modern beehive was born in Germantown and spent much of his life in Philadelphia. Another reason for undertaking the project is that honeybees are receiving much more attention in the media due to an alarming decrease in their population know as Colony collapse disorder. You can learn more about CCD and what you can do to help by watching this TED talk Why Bees Are Disappearing by Maria Spivak. Thanks to Don Schump, President of The Philadelphia Bee Company for the link.

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