Monday, October 13, 2014

Killing Kristoph: What Do You Do When Your Hen Turns Out to be a Rooster?


Kristoph Silver Laced Wyandotte
We should have figured it out earlier. The chick’s large size and aggressive behavior toward the other chicks were early clues, but we had ordered from a reputable supplier who we assumed had the experience to sex the chicks accurately. Then one morning it became blatantly obvious. Wynonna stretched out her neck and let out a loud “ert-er-ert-er-errrrrr.” Yep, we had us a rooster.

We changed its name to Kristoph and began to weight the pros and cons of having a rooster in the flock. On the plus side he helped to kept the flock from straying too far; he rounded them into the coop in the evening and sounded an alarm when cats or dogs came onto the property or when a hawk flew overhead. The down side was the potential to disturb the neighbors with his crowing and the unrelenting chasing and mounting of the hens. He is an adolescent after all.

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